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I can not order from your website,maybe there is some thing wrong with your website.
The problem usually comes from the setting of your browser. Please let your browser in default value, then try again or use other computer if possible.
Can I use Paypal to pay you?
Yes,our sellers will send email to you after your ordering online.
What payment method is available?
From now on,T/T is the only way we can accept.
As usual,how do you delivery the products to us?
If you want the products urgently,we’ll send by DHL,UPS or FEDEX.If time is enough,we can send by sea.
How long can I receive my products since I order them?
First:If you just order some samples,5 days is ok include the delivery time.
Second:If your order is below 1,000PCS,7 days is ok.
Third:If your order is big,we should according to your quantity .
Can you make the fresnel lens according to our request?
Of course,we can make mould by ourselves, we have professional person who can make mould.
Note:whether you want to make the mould for magnifier or fresnel lens,you should pay the mould fee.For magnifier,if your order can reach to 10,000PCS,the mould fee will return back to you.And if you order 1,000PCS of fresnel lens,the fee also can return back to you.
Second:Fresnel lens
The delivery fee is too expensive for us,Do you have any other good ways to send the products to us?
If you want the products urgently,we should send by FEDEX of DHL.But sometimes,if time is enough,we can send by China Post or by sea,it is cheaper.
I have ordered your products before,but after a long time I can receive it.I do not know why?
It just a suddenness,because sometimes,there is something wrong with our machines or factory.
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